!my birthday!

So my birthday was yesterday and I am freaking out. I think I’m having a 1/5 life crisis. Like I cpuldn’t sleep last night, I was freaking out. But that is a story for any other blog.

Anyways, like I said my birthday was yesterday and I turned 21. So I am an adult and can legally drink in every country, woo. I am not a huge party person so I didn’t want to hang and drink with friends. What I wanted to do was just hang out with family, family means everything to me and I always enjoy their company. My family who live about 5 hours away from me had to come to Sydney a couple weeks ago for a cruise they were broading for my Aunty and Uncles 10 year anniversary, I was invited but couldn’t afford the time off work. Anyways, so the best time for my family get together was on Saturday the 1st of July as they all just got off the ship and they were here in Sydney with us already, instead of them going home and coming back.

So Saturday night was my party. Mum brought my sister and niece up as they didn’t go on the cruise either. So all my favorite people were at my home celebrating with me. My mum, my Oma, my sister, brother, niece, Auntys and Unclces, Abby and her family. At some points there was a few awkward situations with the two families but we all played games, like piñata (that I made woo go me), pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, and donut on a string. It was so funny. So that night was really good.

But then Monday was my actual birthday and my oma, sister and niece stayed for a extra couple of days for my actual birthday while everyone else had to return to their homes.

So on ym birthday I had to work for a couple hours, but I didn’t mind because I really enjoy the people I work with, but I was a little home sick knowing my family was at home without me. Although my family came in and gave me flowers When I got home we all went out for dinner then came home watched movies and played board games. Would not have wanted to spend it any other way. wooooo 🙂

thanks for reading.


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