thai travel blog 16/4 -19/4

Sunday 16th April

Great news guys, today we had an amazing day for once.

So we couldn’t find our card, it’s gone forever. So now we have to take money out of our normal debit card and is going to cost an arm and a leg. But it could be worse.

So in the morning we went to the beach and swam and relaxed. We then went shooting and I shot my first gun!!! An assault rifle and it cost 690 plus 200 for photos so 890 baht, (36 aud) I sucked but it was quite fun. The man they was helping us didn’t speak but we was funny and very helpful, then we went to lunch and I had Pad Thai, yum! Then we went shopping at the Phuket Town Night Markets, this was so great but really busy. We found some crazy foods like corn fairy floss type of food. Amazing.

Monday 17th April

Today we went to Phi Phi Islands ! The Phi Phi Islands we went to was Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le. These islands consist of Maya Bay which is the beach from the movie, The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, Viking Cave and Monkey Beach with is a beach with a lot of monkeys.

We had to wake up at 5:30am to be picked up by 6:15am. So early but worth it. It was an hour boat ride from the marina and first stop was Maya bay, Abby and I can NEVER get nice photos but here are some terrible ones of Maya bay: 

It was truely stunning. We could walk to the other side of the island which was such an amazing view. Which we then went and snorkelled in. Here are some photos:

We then went past the Viking Cave which is where people harvest birds nests for bird nest soup and other bird nest products. It’s the bird saliva that is used to make the best that is sort after. 

We then travelled to Monkey beach but we weren’t allowed to get off the boat. It was adorable. There were monkeys everywhere baby ones and the tour guide was throwing bananas and they would swim into the water to grab the bananas. Here are some photos: 

Then we went to another area to swim:

Then we stayed at Phi Phi Don beach for a while and just hung out. Here are some pics: 
We then headed home. Absolutely stunning. Would love to do it again. 

Tonight we went to a Ping Pong show. This was interesting and I wouldn’t do it again. It exactly what your thinking it would be and a lot more. Ping pong balls, pins, razors, bottles, fish and even a bird ! We had to walk out.. It was free to go in but you have to buy a drink,which is 1200 (23aud) baht then goes down to 250 (10 aud) baht after that which is still very expensive !

Tuesday 18th April

Today we went ziplining at Flying Hanuman. It cost 3,500 baht (140 aud) It was absolutely beautiful. It was high in a forest. So amazing. Absolutely doing things in nature. It was absolutely exhausting a hot but 100% worth it. It included zip lines, platforms, abseiling for 3 hours. Here are some photos:

Tonight we went to Simon Cabaret show. It is a cabaret show of Thai lady boys. They lip sing and dance. Their outfits are out of this world. It was amazing, it was funny and stunning. I would recommend it to anyone coming to Phuket. It cost 800baht (33 aud) with transfers to and from the hotel. Bit afterwards, they was all of the performers lined up and they let you get photos with them for 100baht (4aud) per performer per photo and we gave them an 100 baht and 1000 baht (40 aud) instead of a second 100. 😦 we are having a lot of bad luck on this holiday.

Wednesday 19th April

Last night was our last night in our hotel at Patong. We are now staying in Karon Beach. Why you may ask, because we wanted to do all the touristy stuff at Patong and now in Karon we can relax more and do more cultural activities. Karon is only a 20 minute drive from Patong but is a lot more quite with less people. This hotel is super nice and has movie channels which is awesome, but the wifi sucks but it could be a lot worse.

So check out was at 10am and check in was at 2pm so we woke up, had breakfast and packed our stuff. We then checked out and left our bags at the hotel while we went for a walk. We then spent the rest of the morning relaxing and hanging out at Patong beach (I got a massage :D) until it was closer to our check in time. It was a pretty amazing morning. After we got to the hotel, I asked Abby if we could stay in all night, dinner is included here so we just had to get room service for lunch. She said yes, and then we fell straight asleep. It’s so crazy humid here and you don’t realise you are even tired until you wake up from a nap. We slept for almost 2 hours and then went to dinner.

Today was awesome !
Thanks for reading.


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