thai travel blog 9/4-15/4 2017

Ok so Abby and I are going to Thailand in 4 days. Which is exciting buuutttt doesn’t feel real yet. I thought I would blog the experience. I hope you guys enjoy.

9th of April 2017

So I have nothing. I don’t have a money card, or my documents copied, I haven’t started packing my bags, I don’t have a Thailand adaptor, go pro not charged or found, nothing. And I’m working the next three days. Send help sos.

But I thought I would spend my night writing a blog ūüôā Procrastination 101.

So Abby and I are going to Phuket in Thailand for two weeks. We are going to thailand because Abby really wants to go, she has for years mainly for the shopping. I guess Abby and I are taking turns choosing which countries to visit next. I chose Europe, Abby chose Thailand and in August we are going to New Zealand for a week for our 5 years, which I chose. It’s not like o don’t want to go to Thailand and Abby doesn’t want to go to the counties I’ve chose, it’s just how it has worked out, we both want to travel everywhere but we both have different countries we want to travel to the most. Travelling is something I’ve alllwayyyssss wanted to do, Abby not so much until she met me.

Abby mainly wants to do is a lot of shopping, relaxing and activities, I want to go kayaking, hiking, looking a temples,  go to the islands, looks of culture stuff, go to a Thai cooking class, swimming relaxing, eating, markets. Everything !!! I want to do it all!!!

Monday 10th April

We leave in three days. And today, I’ve done nothing.

But I’m starting to freak out a little.

Thursday 13th April

Today is the day. We leave at 9:30pm tonight and I still haven’t done everything. Sennnnddddd helppppp! I haven’t finished packing.

I’m starting to freak out so baddddddddd. My friend, may, hey may, wrote Abby and I a list of thing NOT to do.

15th April 2017

Oh hey guys, so Abby and I are here. We got here yesterday and man we had a bad day. A really bad day, well more me. Here is what happened over the past few days.

Our flight was at 9pm at night and mum dropped us off at 4:30-5pm roughly so we had to wait almost 2 hours until the actual check in desks open. I think this is pretty funny but while we were waiting I went to a café and said can I please get a bacon and egg roll. She looked confused and then said sorry we only have a egg and bacon roll. Like the order of the bacon and egg to egg and bacon confused her. I had a chuckle.

Finally at 6:15pm our check in desk finally opened and because we are cheapskates we got the cheapest flight we could. This required Abby and I to fly to China, to Bangkok then to Phuket. We flew to China and Bangkok with China Southern airways, then from Bangkok to Phuket was with Bangkok airways. When we checked in at Sydney, we asked if we needed to pick up our bags at any point or will the bags just follow us. She stated that we would have to pick them up from Bangkok but then told us to wait. She got on the phone with someone and then¬†hung up and said we are able to do it. We can get your bags to follow you. Which was great, we didn’t have to stress. Everything sorted.

We then went through the departure gate and¬†did a bit of shopping, I bought some make up and a Sudoku book for the flight and as I was buying this, my name was called over the speaker and I was shitting my pants, thinking I didn’t declare something or I’m not allowed on the plane. Anyways when I went to the lady, she said that we will have double check at Bangkok that our bags will be going through to Phuket as they don’t have an agreement with Bangkok Airways. I said that’s fine, no issue.

The first flight was 9 hours and 10 minutes. They feed us some yummy chicken and rice, and chicken noodle which was ew.¬†We both tried to sleep as much as we could which wasn’t much. We landed in Guangzhou, China. We bought two take away coffees which cost us 109 Yuan which was about $20 AUD. Ouch, but they put them in little bags which was cute:¬†

I was completely shocked that we coffees where that price because in the vending machine they had bottles of water for 3 Yuan which is 60 cent AUD, and orange juice for 6 Yuan = $1.15 AUD. We went into some different shops and there were chicken feet in bags. Like cooked chicken feet vacuum sealed in a bag on the shelf. Not even in the fridge. I thought that was so cool. Different cultures are so amazing !! 

So the next flight was 3 hours 30 minutes to Bangkok. I slept almost the whole way.¬†We land all sweet, have three hours until our next flight. Time to find the gate. We find the domestic departures desk, because we were heading to Phuket which is an island of Thailand. We asked if they could double check that our bags were going to Phuket or if we had to pick it up. He said we had to collect our bags, which was the other end of the airport, and to do that we had to go through immigration and pretty much had to leave the airport to come back in and check our bags in. Stressful but ok. So we went through immigration and went to the baggage claim area. Abbys bag, check. Jess’s…….?????? NO WHERE !!! That’s right my bag is noooowherrreeeee. I speak to two lady’s about what had happened and then they looked at abby’s bag tag stated that it is suppose to go to Phuket and¬†they were confused as to what the heck was happening.¬†They said that my bag must be on its way to Phuket and abby asked if we can get confirmation that that is 100% what was happening. They called some peeps and she got confirmation that that is 100% what is happening. Awesome cool that’s fine. We went and checked abbys bag in again. Then we went to get some lunch, we looked around and there was a Krispy Kreme’s so we obviously jumped on that. The flavours were so crazy. In Thailand they love pineapple, so there was 3 or 4 different pineapple ones, they had a few that were chocolate and nuts, almonds and they had some that had CHEESEEEEE on them!!!!! :OO They had one that looked like a custard filled donut with like grated tasty cheese on top called “Butter Cheese’ and one with parmesan on top called “Parma’. Crazzyyy flavours !! 3 bought three donuts which cost 139 baht which is about $5.50 AUD. THATS RIGHT GUYS YOU ARE IN AUSTRALIA PAYING $4 A DONUT AND I GOT THREE FOR $5.50 !!!!!! There McDondals sold fried chicken, and churros. They also didn’t sell apple pies. hey sold Pineapple pies, corn pies or ham and chicken pies. Crazzzyyy.

Anyways, the last leg of our trip was a 1hour 30 minutes flight to Phuket. They gave us Chicken Green Curry which was ok, not great but nice. Now we landed, go to the baggage claim, abby’s bag, check. Jess’s bag…… bet you can guess, NOT THEREREEEEEEE. So I had to report that it was missing, and we were running late for our transfer transport to a little stressed. I didn’t mind losing my luggage because I would have received compensation from the airport or my travel insurance. All my electronics where in my carry on bag as well so my luggage was just clothes. The thing that stressed me the most was that I have borrowed my friend suitcase and it’s starwars and I know she loves it. That was the most stressful part. Anyways go in our car that’s taking us to the hotel and we went through Phukets country side. The driver is driving crazy, well everyone was driving crazy. We also saw some buffalos which was crazy.

From the airport to our hotel was about an hour. We finally get tour hotel and it’s gorgeous!!

Here is a photo of the view from our room. 

Now that we were in Phuket, at our hotel at about 5pm¬†the first thing we needed to do was find a store. We needed to get the essentials, like shampoo, snacks, bottled water because¬†the water is very contaminated in Phuket, so you can’t drink it or brush your teeth with it, and I needed a tooth brush because mine was in my luggage. We then headed back to our room which is forever away from the reception, we have to take three elevators to get to it. We got a free welcome cocktail just for booking, so we went to the bar and had that which was yummy but totally 100% did not contain alcohol. It was just cranberry juice. We then bought another cocktail, Sex on the beach, which was 2 for one, 190THB for the two ($7.50AUD). The restaurant in the hotel was having a special buffet night for 399THB per person($16AUD) so we did that for dinner and at this point I’ve only had 2 or 3 sips of my cocktail, but I got really hot and had a pain in my stomach and I thought I was going to die, not really but you know what I mean. So I said to abby, sorry babe I have to go to the room for a minute. Abby knew what was going on, but I had to stay in the room for ten minutes, drink a whole bottle of water and lay down before I felt better. I think this was a mix of being jet lagged, tired, the heat, and nothing in my stomach. Anyway, I went and ate after that. After dinner, we decide to stay the night in, to catch up on sleep and just relax a little. I had a bath, and I love my baths really hot. All of a sudden, I needed to throw up. I laid down, but it wasn’t passing. When I feel like I need to throw up, I always make myself throw up because I prefer to feel better sooner and get whatever is making me sick out of me as soon as possible. Anyway, I throw up, lay down, still not well and throw up again. Then fell straight to sleep!

So on my first day of my holiday, my luggage is lost and no where to be seen, and I’m sick. Great!

So today I woke up feel good, but I all of today I go through phases where I just feel icky. Even now, I’m not feeling the best. I think it’s because it’s such a change. It’s really hot here, and the air or water isn’t clean. Hopefully, I’ll get use to it. Wake up to a call that the airport got my luggage which is awesome but it will cost me 600 baht ($24aud) to bring it to the hotel. But I got it woo! ¬†Today we did a bit of walking around and some shopping, bought some swimmers and shorts and bits and¬† pieces. Stopped at a cute bar right on Patong Beach.¬†We then had an appointment at 1pm with a tour company and we booked some tours,. I won’t tell you what they are just yet. Then we went in the pool and now just hanging in the room and this all has taken way to long to write and abby has been an amazing little trooper, waiting for me. Now we areoff to get some dinner, then no idea. Let’s see where the night will take us !!!

So we are back, we spent way to much money. We walked to Bangla Road and it was to crazy and hot. The first place we step into was a games arcade. Abby and I are really not party people. It was a crazy world of its own. I got the ice cream that is all over Facebook where they smash it on a cold plate and roll it.100 baht = $4 aud. Like this:

we also got our feet sucked by fish!! They are suppose to eat dead skin. It was the craziest thing ever. Abby kept laugh because it was so like someone tickling your feet. 100 baht for 10 minutes, $4 aud.

Anyway we got into a tuk tuk, and we realise that our cash flex card is no where. The last place we had it was 2 hours before getting money out of an atm. So after we realised we had to quickly call the card place to put it on pause and run to the atm we went to which is a 20 minute walk from the hotel but the place was closed.
We are not having a good holiday ūüė¶


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