I don’t give a fuck.

I do not give a FUCK if you are black, white, Catholic, Muslim, gay, straight, Jewish, Asian, or like weird shit or shit like if you wet yourself, or have bad breath, or if you have slept with 4864837643 people or your saving yourself for marriage or if you have a drug problem or you own a shit box car, you struggle with money, your homeless or own a mansion, you think your fat, been to jail, transgender, cisgender, if you smoke or drink or if you don’t, if you hate the world or struggle with anxiety and depression, if you have a disability or if you are a purple dinosaur. I honestly do not care. I will not judge. Anything. I DONT NOT GIVE A FUCK. 

What I do give a fuck about is how you, or how anyone treat people. Your own family and friend but more specifically people you don’t know. The homeless, waiters, the Mc Donalds employees, the bus driver, the random person sitting next to you on the train, the cashier, even animals and babies, anyone. Personally, I think how you treat people shows everyone exactly who you are. 
We, them, us, him, her, me and you, can have completely different opinions. It’s how you act towards people with different opinions that defines you. Respect. I’ll respect you and I would like to hope you, anyone, would do the same.

I just don’t understand, who people can judge and think poorly of someone. We are all completely different. We ALLLLLL have that someone doesn’t agree with.

I wish the world didn’t care about what people were doing, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, there shouldn’t be an issue. 

One of my favourite sayings at the moment is: if someone is nice to you but not nice towards the waiter, then they aren’t a good person.

I think it is such an amazing saying. People need to be more understanding. You really have no clue what anyone is really going through. Just remember that. 

Like I said I don’t give a fuck about who someone is, what they’ve been through, anything. I really don’t care. I’m a listening ear for anyone who needs it. I’ll be anyone’s shoulder. 

Just be nice to everyone. That is all I’m saying.


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