_.tattoo meanings._

Ok ok ok. So today I grew enough balls to get the tattoos I’ve wanted for forever. 

One is of a silly little face. This face, is how my great grandma (my Ur Oma) use to sign cards, birthday, Christmas, any kind of card. The face was used as the O in Ur Oma. My Ur Oma passed away on December 28 2015. I miss her every day. She was so silly and hilarious, always making faces and making jokes.. I think about her a lot and thing about what more I could have done. Growing up I always wanted to write her letters.. But I just didn’t. I don’t know why I didn’t. I never got to met my great grand father, my Ur Opa. I was one when he pasted.. This tattoo is for you, to remind myself that life isn’t about working, it’s about family and making everyone up there proud. They are all with me always. I love you Ur Oma.. Until we met again..

This is located on my right fore arm, facing me.

My other one is ‘family’. 

My definition of family- family intermediate, extended, mother, cousins, brother, sister, niece, Oma, brother in law, my girlfriend, my closest and dearest friends. Anyone I love and am completely obsessed with. 

It’s super dodgey but it doesn’t look as bad in person but I like it. The m is a bit fucked but whatever, it’s the meaning behind it. Anyone who knows what is going on in my life right now, know that every thing is so crazy for me. But I only do it for my family. I want to help and support my family for now and forever. I want them to be happy and never feel alone. When I’m having a terrible day, I look down and realise what is important and move on.. 

This is located on my right forearm, on my wrist area.

Do tattoos hurt? 

Not going to lie, yes. Stings. But it is nothing that isn’t bearable. And I’m totally ready and excited to get some more ink! Loved it!!!!
Thanks for reading !!


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