The time I saw a UFO..

I love conspiracy theories and obviously aliens is a huge one and more popular one. I personally believe that there has to be another life in the millions of billions of galaxies that are in the universe. There is no way that we are not only the only living and breathing thing in the universe but the only ones who are technologically advanced, there is absoulte no way we are the only ones. (Thinking about being the only ones in this huge universe is such a lonely feeling). There are also so many cases every year of UFO sightings, alien sightings and encounters that go unreported by the media. There are so many times where the government has covered up so many fishy situations by just brushing it off saying that it is army or government planes in the sky or the big explosion was also just testing of missiles but in these situations there are eye witnesses that have a completely different view on what happened. !!THATS JUST MY OPINION.!!

Any ways, my story time.

I was driving at about 12-1ish in the morning so it was crazy dark, I was driving to see my family who live 4-4 1/2 hours away. Abby was asleep next to me and I was driving on these back roads in the middle of no where, very country so lots of trees and empty paddocks. Being so dark and deserted, I had my high beams on. As I was driving I looked up into the sky and saw a odd shape. This odd shape was just the slightest bit darker then the rest of the sky. Driving in the country you can see a lot more stars then in the city and I think this is why I could see it, there would have been bright stars behind it creating a shadow and outline of this shape. This shape also had lights on it that very well looked like stars. I turned off my high beams as a car drove past and I noticed that I couldn’t see the shape, as soon as I turned my high beams back on I could see the shape.  I think my high beams could have been reflecting off the object ??? If that makes sense. I have drawn a picture to the best of my ability and this is what it looked like. 

Driving and looking in the sky, putting my hand next to it, it was the size of my pinky finger nail. This might sound tiny but this thing was kilometres into the sky, this thing would have been HUGE. 

The lights were not flashing and the craft was not moving. Just staying still and looking like in was trying to blend into the sky. I woke Abby up and she tried to talk reasonable (she’s good like that) and fell back asleep. I’ve told only a few people this story and people say it must have been a plane etc. but I have never seen a plane that shape and planes have flashing lights. These lights weren’t flashing. 

As I was freaking out thinking I’m going to be abducted I kept checking the time to make sure it was going by normally. (People who have been abducted before claim they have had random spaces of time disappear from their lives. One story I read was about a lady who just went outside to take out the bins at 6pm, she did it and went back inside and it was 10pm !! addition to this, she felt very different.)

Anyways this story is a bit anti climatic, but if anyone knows what this space was please comment !

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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