Living with ADHD..

Ok so I suffer from a different condition that was I trying to get diagnosed with for about 5 years before I was actually diagnosed with it. Let’s just call this condition D.R but that is a story for another time. I bring this up because this is how I discovered I have ADHD.
In 2014 I went to a special doctor (can’t remember what type) and he diagnosed with with D.R and ADHD, this was a complete shock. I knew I had D.R but ADHD never crossed my mind. When he told me I started crying, ADHD was something that I have heard of before but never understood what is was or how it worked or any thing. It was hard, but after research it made a lot of sense. !!Please keep in mind that I was at the start of year 12, in the middle of my HSC and was 17 almost 18 years old ! this was such a late diagnosis!!

I just thought ADHD was a thing that kids have who have learn issues or who run around crazy. I now see it’s more then that.

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a disorder that can not be cured but helped with treatment.

Symptoms can be limited attention, hyperactivity, absent mindedness, difficultly focusing, short attention span, forgetfulness, fidgeting, impulsive, excitability.

This can affect your mood and cause mood swings, anxiety, boredom, anger and excitement.

This can lead to depression and learning disability.

Obviously with any condition, everyone person is different and has different symptoms and experiences.

I personally have a lot of the above symptoms but not all.

For myself, sitting in an exam.

‘1+1 = 2.’ *looks out of classroom window* ‘why is the sky blue? Wait blue that reminds me of that shirt that I love. Wait where is that shirt ? Shit. I’m going to have to find that. That would be great for that thing I have this weekend. Wait I’m in a test. 3×2 =6.’ *scribbles on corner of page* ‘ok I’m getting fidgeting I wonder if the teacher will let me go to the toilet, just got to go for a walk. She won’t I’ll just try and focus.’ *stares at teacher* ‘wow she has lovely eyes.’ *jiggles legs* ‘6×0=0’

Sometimes I just stare and don’t even think haha. Honestly can’t focus. It’s really weird. Homework and assessments are really hard. But I always thought I would never ever be able to do an online course from home, and I did and smashed it ! Woo!

Fortunately I did get diagnosed just before the HSC exams and was able to apply for special privileges I guess you can call it. I went into a different room then the rest of the year with other people with special privileges. I had more time to do my tests (I didn’t really need) and I was able to get up and walk around every 15 minutes. (I find it hard to focus and sit still especially in such a stressful situation) Walking around really helped me. Made me feel a lot better.

Ritalin is the medication that is used to help people with ADHD. Keep them focused, calm them down etc. I tried it, I tried two different brands and both times I ended up in hospital because it sent my heart rate through the roof. (I mean 160bpm while sitting watching tv) a lot of medication doesn’t work for me for different things but now this mean my ADHD is something I have to work on myself and calm myself down and try my hardest to keep focused.

It’s so hard to do these things, but I have to. Got to keep moving on..

There is nothing shameful about having ADHD. If anyone else suffers from it I would love to talk to you!
I’m Jess and I have ADHD.

Thanks for reading.


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